"I'm a simple (or maybe not that simple after all) Russian girl with relatively low levels of vodka in my Siberian blood. In my spare time, of which I don't have much, I could be occasionally noticed dancing with brown bears. Lawyer in my professional past, I'm a yoga teacher and qualified yoga therapist in my 'what I love doing' present. Since September 2018 I'm also a happy mama of the Wize Monkey Yoga Shala in Paris. I value empathy above all in people and I believe in the beauty of simplicity, open heart, strong core (spirit) and flexible mind"  

Daria V. Romanova (Dasha)

"Her voice will relax you and if you're coming stressed or distracted to practice. Her sequences will keep you focused all the time by challenging your body and mind. Her instructions will keep you safe, and the environment created in the room will be perfect to raise your practice to the al level. And if you have any particulars question Dasha will always be happy to answer them after the practice. I had a great class experience with Dasha - even though it was a group class she knew how to make it personal for each and one of us"

feedback from Gerardo F